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Poněšická Hruškovice 50% 0,5l

Pear brandy



Pear brandy 40% of alcohol, 0,5 l, very smooth taste of pears. Pears are from local growers. 

The Poněšice family distillery was founded in 2002. It specializes in the production of quality fruit distillates and liqueurs and other alcoholic specialities. All their production is based on honest work and natural processes. The alcohol contained in Poněšice distillates comes exclusively from fruit yeast.

Here you will not only find modern technology, but also expertise, great enthusiasm and the necessary care. All this guarantees a product of the highest quality. The entire production process - from fruit intake to the final product - is fully mechanized and automated thanks to a huge passion for technology and precision of the owner. The color of the distillery, on the other hand, illustrates the indispensability by hand - each bottle is hand-labeled and fitted.

Poněšice distillery is the only distillery that distilates a carrot brandy. The owner, Jaroslav Ledajaks, distilates this specific brandy since 2005. This brandy impresses with its softness and the taste of root vegetables. The taste reminds of our famous dish Svíčková.

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