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Božkov Republica Rum Espresso 35% - 0.5l

Bozkov Republica Exclusive

Rum Espresso


35% abv.

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Quantity Unit discount You Save
3 25 Kč Up to 75 Kč
12 50 Kč Up to 600 Kč
389 Kč
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Božkov Republica Rum Espresso. Guatemalan Arabica coffee, a typical combination of softer, fruitier, more intense and full of flavor, combined with sweet up to 8-year-old Carab rums, in which notes of vanilla, dried exotic fruits and nuts stand out, brings an exceptional taste experience to the rum world.

The First Republic (Czech in the 1920s and 30s) was a period of nobility and elegance, honesty and pride in the craftsmanship and art for which the country is renowned. Bozkov Republica Exclusive Czech Rum is a celebration of these values of the First Republic. The stylish bottle represents these times very well. 

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Cena 249 Kč
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