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List of products by brand Monopol - Teplický Pivovar

With an understanding for true traditional Czech beer brewing values,  the brewery Monopol in Teplice is one of the leading Mini-Breweries in the Czech Republic. Throughout the year,  the brewery offers it's popular 12° degrees Monopol pale lager, 11° degrees semi-dark Karlík, flavored Višen 11° (cherry beer)  and Monopol ALE 14° (top fermented). 

In addition to the permanent offers, during the year,  the Monopol brewery prepares special beers according to the season, for spring 11° IPA Jarní, in summer you can refresh yourself with 11° Wheat beer, during the autumn days Viennese semi-dark lager is on offer  and the dark  Porter 16° will make the Advent season pleasant.

In the last years, the brewery Monopol in Teplice, as well as their brewmaster, have won several prestigious beer awards. You can order Monopol beers from the comfort of your home and if you every visit Teplice, make sure to stop at the brewery restaurant for some of their delicious beers from the tank and their outstanding food. In addition to beer and traditional Czech food, there is also a wellness spa hotel which invites guests for relaxing weekends. 

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