For deliveries to EU countries and the United Kingdom, we use our shipping partners PPL / DHL, DPD, WeDo and Zasilkovna. For shipments to the United States and Canada we use Czech Post. 

We ship beer and spirits only within Europe. Merchandise, Beer Spa products and glasses can also be shipped to the United States and Canada. For all shipments we provide a tracking number and link via email (please make sure you enter a valid email address when placing your order and also check your spam folder) . 

Shipping costs vary and depend on the weight of the parcel, the country you want your goods to be shipped to and the carrier chosen. The below example shows our shipping cost with PPL / DHL. However, for some countries, our partners WeDo and Zasilkovna might work out cheaper. The final shipping costs will be calculated once you have added your shipping address and chosen your preferred carrier. 

PPL to Germany, Poland and Slovakia 2kg - 31.5kg: 8 EUR - 15 EUR

PPL to Austria 2kg - 31.5kg: 12 EUR - 27 EUR

PPL to Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain 

2kg - 31.5kg: 15 EUR - 24 EUR

PPL to Finland, Greece, Italy and Sweden 2kg - 31.5kg: 22 EUR - 42 EUR

PPL to Denmark and France 2kg - 31.5kg: 24 EUR - 57 EUR

PPL to United Kingdom 2kg - 31kg: 24 EUR - 56 EUR + 16 Euro on all shipments for customs clearance

Please note that for all shipments containing alcohol, the courier service will perform an age check at the time of delivery. Goods will not be handed over to persons under the legal age of the country the goods are being shipped to. If the courier is unable to verify the age, the goods will be returned to us and we will issue a refund for the goods only but not for the shipping costs. 

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